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Freisian Squishy Stool

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This stool top is made entirely from film canisters collected from our friends down the road The leggies are Scottish sycamore. Reminds us of our monochrome prancing mooing friends of the field.


Stool Height 450mm
Diameter 310mm

Our idea is to create a strong and durable piece of furniture that combines recycled plastic with traditionally hand worked wood to highlight the beauty of each material without making either non-recyclable.

Each stool uses 2.2kg of HDPE plastic waste collected in Glasgow. The Legs are Scottish sycamore, which has been threaded so the stool can be easily posted and assembled, they simply twist into place until tight.

The hardwood we use for the legs all comes from sustainably managed woodlands within 50 miles of Glasgow. Knowing the origin of each part of the design is important to our philosophy of having as little environmental impact as possible.

Use code FREETOWALK at checkout for collection from the studio in Glasgow.

  • Image of Freisian Squishy Stool
  • Image of Freisian Squishy Stool